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Bones & The Aft

These books were made to be performed!!

During the nineties with inspired genius electric cellist Harvey Eagles and later with the mighty electro-popsters The After Rabbit, the performance wing of Liver & Lights is currently known as Bones & The Aft.

Bones & The Aft are a collaboration between word wizard Corporal Bones (John Bently) , former Balaam and the Angel and Twenty Flight Rockers guitarist Wingco Mulleen (Ian Mckean) and drummer and multi instrumentalist Admiral Lord Biscuit (David Beschizza), formerly with The Doctors of Love, Ivich Lives and the winner of the 2010 South Bank Centre Piano Scrapheap Challenge at The Royal Festival Hall.

After only two years together Bones and The Aft's totally unique live shows are already legendary, seamlessly interweaving Bently's passionate storytelling and lovingly handcrafted props and costumes with Mckean and Biscuit's virtuoso musicianship.

In keeping with the Liver & Lights tradition of all things hand made and DIY we do everything ourselves on principal, we arrange, publicise and promote our own shows, print our own tee shirts badges, CDs and of course the books-every show contains a travelling exhibition of the Liver & Lights series and other related stuff…like Aunty Kathy's Home Made Rock and Roll Jam!

We'll play anywhere that'll have us…get in touch!

You can get a flavour of the show here:

You can keep up to date with our news by checking our blog here: http://bonesandtheaft.blogspot.com









Photos copyright: Chloe Dewe Mathew s(1,12,13,14), Peter Anderson(4), John Lanteri- Laura(10,15), Kathy Round (11,16,17, 18) and Abul Ahmed (7)